Bible Studies

Note: It is recommended that when going through these studies that you have a Bible with you. This will make it easier to follow the scripture with the notes, as well as being able to refer to the scriptures where only the reference is give due to large sections of verses referred to.

Current Study – Book of Romans – William Funkhouser

The Book of Romans was written by Paul the apostle around A.D. 57, probably within a year either way. A major theme of the book is showing that justification (a legal term meaning declared righteous) is by faith in Christ only and not by any work we do; this declaration being from God alone. Our works come in by showing our salvation to be true. This means the Jewish belief of following the Law does not bring reconciliation with God.

Chapters 1-8 address salvation in all three of it’s components; namely Justification, Sanctification and Glorification. Chapters 9-16 address the defense of the gospel, the transforming power of the gospel, and then Paul’s closing statement. My goal is to finish at least one chapter each week.

This is one of my favorite books and has had the greatest positive impact in my growth in the Lord.