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Why True Devotion Ministries?

At our core, we believe there is a place for everyone to be able to belong, and while we're not a church, we endeavor to create spaces for outcasts, failures, the broken, hurt, and the vulnerable to journey on their pursuit of truth and be accepted where they are but loved too much to stay there.

We want to create spaces for the theologically solid to be challenged, the lifelong Christian to grow, and those searching to find other seekers.

Whether you feel you're neglected or accepted, holy or wretched, whatever your background, your faith history, or your struggles, TDMI wants to help you in your path to find family, community, and truth.

What's new with True Devotion Ministries?

2023 brings us a face lift, a new focus, and what matters.

We've made some necessary updates to make sure that things are easier to navigate!
We're honing our mission and vision to what we believe our focus in 2023 should be - seeking truth and helping others on their journey towards it.
What Truely Matters
What Truely Matters
Below are the three core things that we believe matter most in TDMI's ministry.

Truth Matters

Philosopher Francis Schaeffer repeatedly expressed in his books and teaching that "true truth" was of the utmost importance. But he often cautioned that truth without love was cold and calloused. Most of us at TDMI have been subjected to individuals who believed in winning the argument or those who were willing to alienate everyone at the table because they needed everyone to know why they were right at all costs.

At TDMI we reject that cold and calloused truth. We acknowledge that there is an absolute and true truth, but we strive to use Jesus as our example who was, as described by John the apostle "full of grace and truth" (John 1:14). What's the point in winning an argument if you've lost the ability to speak into the life of someone?

Read more about our view of truth.

Our Vision
Our Values

Interaction Matters

At TDMI, we believe in an approach to learning where we first acknowledge that one should never stop learning, and that even though someone may have a doctorate in theology (like William does) that doesn't mean he knows everything, which is why in bible studies or discussions, all sorts of questions are not only permitted but encouraged.

Your journey to find truth isn't going to be accomplished because you believe what someone told you because they have a degree, and we're not interested in simply telling you what to believe. We want to explore, interact, and learn with you!

You Matter!

Of all the three matters, this is arguably the most important. Too often society tries to define us, and our value based on our backgrounds, our history, our biological traits, or whatever it is we struggle with. When it comes down to it, none of those things ultimately matter. All humans were made in the image of God and have inherent value. That's why it doesn't matter to us where you come from and what you believe.

We believe we are all sojourners in this world. We are all searching for truth and that search looks different for each person. Our goal is to help equip you with tools and knowledge that we can to help you find the true truth that exists in this world.

Our Mission

TDMI's Leadership Team

Coming from all walks of life, TDMI's board and leadership team meet regularly to discuss updates on the ministry, provide insight and accountability, as well as pray for and support all involved.