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Welcome to our redesigned website!

Welcome back! To kick off 2023 we've given our website a facelift and tried to make it easier to navigate!  All the resources available are now in the ministries section of the website which can be found in both the top and bottom of the website - including our Verse Studies. You can find a link to the latest one below.

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2023 is a new year and we at TDMI feel the need to further refine our purpose for the new year! We're both broadening and focusing our attention on the pursuit of truth!
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Latest Verse Study

"A little leaven leavens the whole lump of dough." – Galatians 5:9.

We must be careful we do not start following the Law in our Christian life rather than Christ Himself.

We believe three things matter most in ministry.

Specifically in ours, but we think they should be paramount in all ministries.

Around 33 a.d. Pilate asked Jesus, "What is truth?" At TDMI, we believe this question is not only still relevant, but is something we should still be asking.
We believe that the journey is one of the most important aspects in the search for truth, therefore we encourage questions and want to help walk alongside you in it.
We believe that all humans are made in the image of God and have inherent value. So whatever your background, faith history, or your struggles, you're welcome to join us!