2023 Website Updates

We've updated a lot of different areas and thought this would be a good place to summarize them!

Since 2019

We've had the same website layout, the same website flow, and the same formula for everything. We didn't even have a logo.

But in 2023 that changes!


We got a logo!! Just in case you missed it, it's right just under this text box. We worked with a gentleman on Fiverr to help us design us, and we think he did a great job. The concept is that the book represents knowledge and truth and TDMI is the doorway inviting you into it. It's base is green because it's William's favorite color, and the orange accent is for contrast. We absolutely love it and hope you do to!

We've also got a new website! It's refreshing! There will likely be bugs and some issues we'll be ironing out but let us know if you find any!

Verse of the Day

The Verse of the Day is being redesigned with a focus more on a devotion on that particular verse. Because of this we've put the Verse of the Day as the first menu option in the Ministries page and put both the archive by book on the same page.

We're also cutting down on the frequency of the verse of the day as we seek to expand from primarily an internet ministry and are focusing our efforts in being out and about.

For the time being, some of the archived verse of the days will be in an older format that has some errors and mistakes. Thanks for being patient while we manually update them to the updated formatting, there's over 400 verses!!


We've updated the flow of the website to make things easier to find.

About: has information about TDMI, our 2023 focus, our leadership, and more.

Ministries: Everything that TDMI does will be able to be found on the Ministries page: The Verse of the Day, all the resources, information about where we'll be in the community for bible studies, meet ups, as well as what we're hoping to do in the future. We also have a section there to learn more about the ministries we partner with!

The Donations page has an update. We have a way to make consistent donations through Stride with the ability to view and manage everything from that page. We also have the ability to donate through either PayPal or Venmo for those interested in doing that.

All of our contact information has been moved to our Contact page instead of being across three different pages.