What’s Hidden Amongst It All (Isaiah 43:19)

Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. ESV

Behold, I will do a new thing, Now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. NKJV

Behold, I will do something new, Now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, Rivers in the desert. NASB


Chances are, we all have heard the following quip: “A crisis does not make your character; but, it certainly reveals it.” Sound familiar?  Probably, so.

This quote is typically shared when speaking on the subject of Our Character.  In most cases, it speaks about an unjust matter, of some kind, being carried out against another and how the victim will conduct himself under such intense lies and, perhaps, criminally false complaints being brought against him.  Will he react with hot distaste and go after, or lay into, the one who is trying to ruin him?  In addition, this scenario, more often than not, entails an instance where false accusations are being made and twisted claims have been brought forth, distorting the truth with the intent of framing the victim; attempting to persecute and prosecute one individual, or more.  Will he/they become unnerved and lose it?  Or, will his character remain firm and be unmoved by such vigilant evil?

While, this is at the crux of many messages that quote this statement; in today’s message I want to take one word, specifically, from this quote and expound on it.  The word is crisis.

As I write this, it is safe to say that our native lands – wherever, that may be for each of us – are in the midst of a crisis.  And, being, we still remain; we are enduring the setbacks that come with such a calamity.  You know; the effects of The COVID-19 Pandemic.

In my upbringing, whenever, I heard the word “crisis” it had negative implications that were outright drastic and, even, dire.  Never, once, when this word was spoken; did it insinuate anything positive.  Well, according to the Chinese it does involve a bad, bad situation.  Yet, with the dread and trepidation that is present; there, also, lies the potential to step forth and do good, to be a positive difference maker.  But do we see it that way?

Perhaps, you are aware of the Chinese symbol for the word Crisis and how it means, both, Danger and Opportunity

As we go forth and endure each day, during this global pandemic; what do we see set before us?  Is it more hum drum?  Is it another day where we are stripped of our freedom, feeling restricted and confined?  If so; might there be something more that’s hidden right before our eyes?  God told the nation of Israel, through the prophet Isaiah (43:19), that “Behold” (Get Ready), because, He was about to do (on the verge of doing) a new thing.  Then, He asked them: Do you not perceive it?  Or, will you see it?  Will you notice it, once, it springs forth?

Earlier, in this same book, in chapter 6 the scripture speaks of the Israelites, saying: They are always hearing; yet, never, understandingAlways seeing; yet, never perceiving (v.9, emphasis mine).

As you get up each morning to start your day, knowing restrictive orders are in place and life is anything, but, normal; have you stopped to consider a better outlook?  Have you given any thought to a better way to redeem your time; thinking: How will I be a difference maker and, positively, affect those around me?

Have you taken the time to ask yourself and, truly, ponder over the following?

What might I do to impact others and, even, infect them with The Love of God?  How can I (along with my family) impact our neighbors, providing them with a special touch that speaks to their hearts and communicates His desire to know them and help them?

Admittedly, most times, when there is a catastrophe, my mind is not looking for the ways in which I can be a difference maker.  And, while I might eventually reach this stage (in my thinking); I, first, had other thoughts that took my mind captive and weighted me down.  But, once, I do come to this point and, purposely, look for opportunities to do good and, actually, begin doing them; it is, at this point, that I feel so much, better.  But why?  Well, perhaps, it’s because I’m doing, so much, better.  Not, just, for myself; but, I am also impacting others and bringing forth positive changes in their lives.

What else is there, in this life, that is more rewarding than being His instrument, His vessel, in the resurrection of lives?

I mean; honestlyDo you know of anything else?

Personally, I do not.  For me; to be a vessel for Him and help another soul to be lifted out of despair or danger, and to bring this person into the light, is more rewarding and fulfilling than anything I know.  It’s true; and, friends, it doesn’t have to be anything huge.  Don’t look past an opportunity to bear His light and illuminate another soul, simply, because you believe it won’t make that much of a difference.

Remember This:

Many times, those who have the greatest impact have not done, all, that many huge favors.  Instead, they have been there – consistently, providing – for another in smaller chunks of service, leaving little dribbles of grace and miniature nuggets of love.

The frequency of your deposits of goodness carries greater weight than the size of each deposit.  Again, when it comes to these deposits that you make; the frequency of each deposit will, nearly always, outweigh the size.

Have you ever given much thought as to how Jesus could keep going, day after day, into the villages and their synagogues or upon the hilltops doing good to, and for, the people?  [This being, in spite of, the constant attacks from the vigilantes – the Jewish Leaders – who were out to wipe Him off the face of the earth.]

Seriously, How did He continue to teach, heal, cure, forgive sin and, even, give the people a new life, literally, raising them from the dead? All, the while, being constantly opposed by those who tried to trip Him up and trap Him in His words, always, plotting to undercut Him and destroy His ministry?  Being, He was fully human; just, how did He keep going forth and not stop, nor, turn away? 

Brothers and sisters, Jesus never gave up, before, it was His time to do, so.  Then, He gave Himself up, going to the cross and dying on our behalf; bearing our sins, He took our place.

As we contemplate the how of our Savior’s stamina and endurance, in spite of, the trials, the temptations and persecutions; we know that He came directly from The Father (Jesus, His only begotten Son).  Moreover, The Father and The Son are one with The Spirit (The Trinity).  Thus, we can see that Jesus is, indeed, supernatural and Divine, even, while being fully human.  But what about the joy and fulfillment He must have experienced, in being, The One who could bring forth such triumphant victories that, personally, impacted people and changed their very lives, both in the present and for eternity.


Jesus was fully human, as well as, being God.  Jesus walked this very earth and is, therefore, referenced as God in the flesh (SEE: John 1:1-14).  Immanuel, God with us, here, on planet Earth (SEE: Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:23).

Thus, because of His humanness, these experiences must have moved Him in one form or another.  Well, I’m inclined to believe that He felt great joy in being The Healer in the hands of His Father who worked signs and wonders through Him, changing the world as they knew it.

Friend, you and I need to ask ourselves: Am I willing?  Will I be an instrument in the hands of The Father and stand in the gap for Him?

If our answer is: “Yes.”  Then, we need to further inquire as to whenWhen will I be His vessel?

If I may ask:  Why Not, Today?  Why Not, Now?

SO, Will I?  Will You?


I Exhort You

Let’s BE Intentional


Let’s BE: HEALers

Help People and Instill Hope In Them

Empower Them and Raise Their Belief

Attention Is Key; Thus, Grant Them Your Complete Attention

Love Them Through, Both, Quiet and Simple Mannerisms, as well as, In Practical Ways

I Conclude This Message By Saying:

Whenever God calls us and to whatever He calls us; let us always answer with a resounding, YES! YES! YES!!!

To: ALL of You,

BE Blessed and, Always, BE A BLESSer.  In Jesus’ Name. AMEN.

Brandon Lawson, Writer/Speaker and Contributor (TDMI)

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