Bible Studies

What and where we are currently studying!

Our Philosophy. 

If you've been around Christians at some point, you've probably attended a bible study of some sort. And if you've been to more than one you've probably noticed they can differ a lot depending on who the leader is. They may read from a pre-packaged bible study, it may be based off a pastor's sermon, it could be incredibly detailed with lots of Greek and Hebrew, or it could be an excuse to get together and just talk about whatever the latest sporting event is.

Depending on who is hosting it you could be separated by gender, age, marital status, or even where you live.

While we don't think any sort of bible study is inherently bad, at TDMI we have a different approach.

We believe that everyone is unique and has something to contribute, we think that everyone's place in life and their past life experiences is something that could help everyone in the group and therefore we encourage discussion and participation throughout the lesson. Yes, we do ask that you be respectful, keep things on topic (or at least related) if there are others attending, but any and all questions are invited and encouraged.

Study in Acts!

At the Cobb Pregnancy Resource Center

Starting on May 18th, 2023, we'll be going over the book of Acts on Thursday Nights at the Cobb Pregnancy Resource Center. The book of Acts was requested by someone we met at one of our meet-and-greets at the Resource Center, and we wanted to pursue this.

The Acts of the Apostles, takes place shortly after Jesus' resurrection, and covers the formation of the church, some initial struggles, but eventually focuses on Paul's missionary journeys. It's a great place to start if you're interested in the beginnings of Christianity or the context behind the letters that form most of the New Testament. In true TDMI fashion, William will be going over the history, the context, and bring information you probably weren't aware of to the study and will be ready to answer questions but most importantly lead those attending on a journey throughout the truth of scripture.

The address is:
5655 Lake Acworth Drive #240
Acworth, Ga. 30101

You may also join us via Zoom. Send us an email for information regarding joining us online.

Watch past studies for free on your own time by checking out our Book of Acts playlist for our free on-demand streaming archive.