You're not alone! Here are some resources we think may help!

Throughout our three year journey, TDMI has put out a lot of content and other resources!

Here are some of them.

TDMI Resources

Here are links to our various TDMI related resources:

TDMI puts out an audio version of the verse of the day devotion. It can be found on our page, or through any of the major podcast apps! Sign up here

You can read out past Newsletters and the various "Thought of the Month" from President/Founder William Funkhouser. Click here!

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Other Resources is the personal blog of our President/Founder William Funkhouser. His thoughts here may be more focused on current issues than the timeless truths that TDMI focuses on. is the personal blog of board member Christiaan Funkhouser. His musings can vary from politics, theology, philosophy, or even ideas from a movie he watched recently. His latest series is based on his experience being gaslit in both the corporate and religious world.

Book Recommendations. Every month, we'll have a featured book of the month and recommendations from at least William and Christiaan if not others in the TDMI leadership.