Prayer Requests Received

Current Prayer Requests: Last Names of Some Individuals Left off for Privacy Purposes. God knows who they are.

Requests as of 2020-04-25

  • Ministries
    • True Devotion Ministries
    • Donette Lawson – Cobb Pregnancy Resource Center
    • Paul and Karen Whitley – Invading the Darkness
    • Covenant House here in Georgia
      • That they can be a source of help and hope to those they assist
      • That they can continue to assist with living space for those they help with no negative effects from the Coronavirus.
  • Businesses Requesting Prayers
  • Individuals
    • Bill Love – Health Issues
    • Linda’s Mother – 102 years old, for strength and health..
    • All countries where Coronavirus is present.
    • Former pastor Wilce for health problems.
    • A friend of mine named Douglas, his daughter is suffering from a long term illness. She is 22 years old.
    • Paul Whitley – For healing from effects of the Corona Virus on his body.
  • Others
    • Those suffering from the coronavirus and the associated lockdowns
    • The Christians suffering under extreme persecution
      • China
      • North Korea
      • Middle East
      • Large areas in India