For those whose introduction is not here, they are in the process of putting it together and should be here in the near future.

William Funkhouser MDiv, ThD – President / Founder

I started True Devotion Ministries in March of 2019 to serve God via the passion God has given me, that being teaching and discipleship. I grew up in Puyallup, a small town in Washington State and graduated from High School in 1975. I spent over 40 years in the computer industry as a COBOL programmer, but I knew God was calling me to serve Him with my all for the remainder of my days. I am excited about where He is taking me and my prayer is that I will be a faithful and effective servant of God.

Christiaan Funkhouser MDiv – Board Member / Secretary

Christiaan Funkhouser, has his Master of Divinity with a specialization in Christian Education from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and his Bachelors of Science in International Studies: Political Science. He loves Philosophy and Theology and his favorite philosopher is Søren Kierkegaard. He regularly speaks at young men’s conferences on the topic of biblical masculinity and singleness. He’s a writer, avid gamer, movie buff, and sci-fi geek. Christiaan is excited to be working with True Devotion Ministries because he loves the idea of working with people across church lines for a common purpose. He currently serves as Youth Pastor for a church in Canton Georgia.

Dean Mills – Board Member

Michael Steffensen – Board Member

Michael has been a Georgia native all his life.  He became involved early in ministry and service as an acolyte to then an usher upon completing Catechism through his family’s Lutheran Church.  Over time, Michael went on to serve briefly at a Methodist church.  However, the past 20 years he has been serving at a Baptist church where he was ordained as a deacon in January 2012 and has spent various periods of time on leadership committees improving church operations and efficiency as well as teaching Scripture via study groups.  Michael spent time learning business operations, Organizational Behavior, Accounting / Finance, Marketing and the past several in Information Technology.  Having traveled internationally for several years for his prior workplace of 22 years, the LORD moved Michael to start working for an international serving Christian non-profit in 2018.  Michael has been shown the power of GOD’s grace and wisdom over the course of his own walk.  He seeks to advise and learn with others seeking the same goal of simply serving others, proclaiming GOD’s glory over all things, and seeing with others what GOD reveals next!  Michael’s wife Brandy is a Marketing communication and creative author writing Christian Fiction as well as serving in a national Christian Writers’ organization.  True Devotion Ministries is an exciting new part of the vine that GOD has been nurturing to further the work of His Kingdom under only His authority, love, and grace.  As a board member of True Devotion Ministries, Michael has been engaged to help the ministry grow, serve others, and collaborate with partners in ministry to fulfill GOD’s purpose for each person and to help love one another the same way our LORD GOD and Savior Jesus Christ loves us.